About the project ECOSMARTCITIES

With constant growth of urban locations in terms of area, inhabitants and economy urban locations are in a strong need for innovative waste management solutions that will increase quality of waste management system, increase us of RES, cut costs, make operations more efficient and have less negative impact on the environment. With its diverse pilot actions, capacity building of various target groups and evaluation and development of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions, project aims at providing solutions to these needs and fulfilling specific Programme objective of involving institutional actors into cooperation in cross-border area. Such integrated approach towards cooperation is in line with Programme vision of intense and diverse cooperation, shared knowledge, as well as permanent enrichment of economic institutional and individual relationships. Besides, project contributes to promoting good neighborly relations and encouraging their harmonic, balanced and sustainable development.

Implementation of different pilot actions as well as capacity building actions throughout 16 months of the project will enable testing of pilot actions at locations different in area, size, economic development and culture. Such project concept will enable larger replication potential and sustainability as well as development of better and more suitable waste management solutions.

The project involves the establishment of a modern waste management system that includes equipment for underground containers associated with advanced waste management software by mobile applications, thereby achieving time efficiency, reducing transport costs and ensuring efficient human resource management. Project activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of all stakeholders involved in waste management systems and drawing up plans and manuals that will provide key stakeholders with effective waste management guidelines in line with the latest European trends.

Through this project cities are taking a role of lighthouse cities in the field of waste management in cross-border area.


Overall objective:

  • Creation of more ecological, smarter and more sustainable communal cross-border area

Specific objectives that the project want to solve are:

  • Establishment of innovative and smart waste management system
  • Established basis for Zero waste communities
  • Educated and ecologically aware public sector and citizens

Target groups:

  • Citizens of cities Ludbreg and Zalaegerszeg
  • Teachers of elementary schools
  • Students of elementary schools
  • Utility companies
  • NGO
  • Beneficiaries who are dealing with environmental protection and waste management
  • Stakeholders who are dealing with environmental protection and waste management

Project activities:

  1. Project administration and management
  2. Information and publicity
  3. Public opinion research about efficient waste management
  4. Establishment of a smart waste management system – semi smart underground waste containers
  5. Ecological, smart and sustainable computer program and mobile application
  6. Development of a document “Zero waste concept”
  7. Capacity building trainings

Project results:

Expected results of the project are:

  1. Public sector aware of opinion and habits of its citizens in the field of waste management
  2. Two established smart waste management systems based on innovative infrastructure with corresponding software
  3. Enabled quick, easy and practical communication with citizens on ecological and communal topics
  4. Developed innovative and tailor-made training methods
  5. Educated variety of different target groups
  6. Eco motivated and aware different target groups.

Project outputs are:

  1. Two analysis of public opinion on habits of citizens and level of knowledge about efficient waste management
  2. Two innovative and green waste mgmt infrastructures installed (in a form of four semi underground platforms with three containers each 1100 liters)
  3. Four ecological, smart and sustainable IT solutions (computer program and mobile application on each side of the border)
  4. Developed cross-border document „Zero Waste Concept“
  5. Two sets of trainings (based on Zero waste concept) for different target groups
  6. Two cross-border competitions for pupils
  7. Two one day capacity building trainings for decision makers
  8. Two project conferences
  9. Four info days
  10. Four project meetings
  11. Two media campaigns

This webpage has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of the web page is the sole resposibility of the Lead Beneficiary Town Ludbreg and Beneficiary Town Zalaegerszeg and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the Eurpean Union/or the Managing Authority.