With constant growth of urban locations in terms of area, inhabitants and economy urban locations are in a strong need for innovative waste management solutions that will increase quality of waste management system, increase us of RES, cut costs, make operations more efficient and have less negative impact on the environment. With its diverse pilot actions, capacity building of various target groups and evaluation and development of innovative and sustainable waste management solutions, project aims at providing solutions to these needs and fulfilling specific Programme objective of involving institutional actors into cooperation in cross-border area. Such integrated approach towards cooperation is in line with Programme vision of intense and diverse cooperation, shared knowledge, as well as permanent enrichment of economic institutional and individual relationships. Besides, project contributes to promoting good neighborly relations and encouraging their harmonic, balanced and sustainable development.


Specific objectives that the project want to solve are

  • Establishment of innovative and smart waste management system
  • Established basis for Zero waste communities
  • Educated and ecologically aware public sector and citizens

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